Spring Production 2016

For our Spring 2016 production The Hollesley Players present Plaza Suite, a comedy by Neil Simon

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 12th, 13th & 14th of May at 7.30 pm at the Hollesley Village Hall.

This is a comedy which is played out over three Acts, set in the Plaza Suite of the American Hotel Plaza.

Three stories of three couples, each staying in the Plaza suite at different periods of time.

In the first act a married couple occupy this suite whilst their house is being re-decorated. It is their anniversary and they spent their honeymoon here 23 or maybe 24 years ago. The big question is will they make it to their 25th and why the uncertainty.

In the second act a three times divorced Hollywood Producer who grew up in the nearby town of Tenafly returns for a visit after an absence of Seventeen years. He books the suite and promptly contacts his old High School sweetheart for some entertainment. But will this now happily married mother succumb to his advances ?

The third act tells the story of a Mother, Father and their Daughter who is getting married today. She has locked herself in the Bathroom ! Needles to say she is late for the ceremony and Mother and Father have no idea why she locked herself in. Sit back and watch their comedic attempts to entice her out and their endless speculation as to why she locked herself in in the first place.

Tickets will be available nearer the time of the performance from the Box office - Tel 01394 411079, or on the night on the door.

Prices in Advance, Adults £5.00, Pensioners £4.00.

On the door, Adults £7.00, Pensioners £5.00.