Junior Production 2017

Hi everyone, I know it's me again (Steve).
This time I have something that may well interest younger members and teens only.
Stuart and Terry are considering a one night only song and dance show . The production day would be 28th May. Each of you would be welcome to suggest your favourite song/ dance music and your input would be considered, not guaranteed but considered. Costumes, lighting etc would be provided because the 28th is the day after our Spring production ends so stage etc would be in place. A tight rehearsal schedule will be offered to correspond with the rehearsal times for our normal May production.
This will hopefully be an exciting challenge for you at a time when normally you would have nothing till September onwards. It will not be a play or a story to music , it will be individual songs and dances which will give a wide scope for lots fun and something to fill these dreary winter evenings.
It will be a ticket event in the region of £5.00 mainly to family and friends .
So what do you young ones think ? Are you up for it ? Judging by the fantastic songs in the panto and brilliant way you danced you will be spot on , so many of you are now getting very professional and accomplished in what you do and this would be an excellent was of keeping on top . I will look forward to seeing the show if it can be sorted.
This proposal will be put before the committee at the next meeting which will be soon . At the same time Lauren's disco proposal will be put forward .
Important: How many of you are interested and would like to join in ? The more the better, hoping for lots of enthusiasm and ideas . Truthfully it will be great to work with you all again . So let Stuart and Terry know asap on this page and let them get the ball rolling .

Email hollesleyplayers@hotmail.co.uk for more info.