Spring Production 2017

Hi everyone, firstly Happy New Year to you all and thank you for all the effort and hours you put in last year for the two productions .
Time now for the work to begin in setting up productions for this year.

Last year Plaza Suite was performed really really well.  It was probably the most difficult thing to do for all of us, from the minute we got on stage we had 45-50 minutes of nonstop dialogue. But we did it , American accents and all . It was a fearsome challenge but by all the powers we did it , not only that but we did it damn well.

It proved what I had always felt that Hollesley Players can do challenging things, and do them well .

But now to the future, we need to know who is up for a challenge in the Spring production?

Trying to sort a play to perform is difficult, made even worse if we don't know who would like to be in it . So now we are asking you to let us know if you would like a part in the Spring production whatever it is.  Stuart and I have been going through scripts but at the end of the day it depends on how many males/ females are ready for the challenge. If we don't have numbers we can't sort the play out . So take courage and commit yourself to a fantastic experience, which could be a farce / comedy/ serious play or whatever is chosen.

On that point a play has not been chosen so if you have something you would like to be produced, do say, let us know . We are 100 years from 1st world war, maybe a play from then.  Maybe Shakespeare even? Copy a popular comedy or a serious play by a well known author?

But whatever please let us know if you would like a part so that we find something to include us all . If we don't know you want in we may not be able to include you.

First time people more than welcome! Email us at hollesleyplayers@hotmail.com for more info!

Steve C.