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Welcome to the Hollesley Players

For our 2016 Christmas Pantomime we are putting on Snow White.

Hi everyone
A gentle reminder and update for the Christmas Panto Snowwhite
The auditions take place on Friday 9th September in Hollesley Village Hall to start at 6.30 pm
Auditions from 6.30 -8pm for under 18 yrs
And from 8pm -9.30pm ish for adults
Shortly we will publish a cast list so that you will be able to see the range of parts , with a brief part description .
The script is within a little complete , but it is subject to alteration , and almost all songs and dance music chosen .The script includes a good range of parts with of course some parts larger than others . When the list is published you will be able to look over it and see which one(s) you would like to try for.
There are one or two parts which could be done by a dame , the decision to include a dame character has not been finalised . Over the years I have been lucky enough to get the dame part , but I do feel time has come for someone else to have a go at the roll , so come on you lot get on to your dad and get him on stage with boobs and booty , it's a great part and let's you have fun with audience if you want to , singing would be optional . ( Box of chocs to anyone who talks a man into it )
In the cast there are two parts , Yocal 1 and Yocal 2
These are ideally male Cameo comic rolls for two who maybe have never been on stage before , two friends maybe who could rehearse together whenever , the parts are not large ones with lots of lines , just brief a appearance in three
scenes , if you can tell a joke you can do it . So don't be shy give us a ring or come along on the 9th with your friend or on your own if you can't convince anyone else to join you .

As you know we are always looking for new members for Hollesley Players so if each of you could speak to / ask at least one person it would be amazing what could happen .
So hopefully today we will have the cast list for you and don't forget to put the 9th SEPTEMBER in your diary and tell your mum/dad.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything you want to know .
See you on 9th Sep.

Steve C


Snow White- Principal part. Singing, dancing role with multi-scenes and many lines.
Lady-in-waiting (to Snow White) Supporting role. Some lines
Prince-Principal male role. Singing part. Not many scenes.
Magic Mirror- Important role. Singing part , multi-scenes and many lines.
Pick-Comic duo working for the wicked queen. Good comic acting required
Mix-Comic duo working for the wicked queen. Good comic acting required
Cook-Principal comic role. Some dancing and singing.
Storyteller-Storyteller. Cameo role. Speaks only in verse.�
Queen-Evil queen. Principal baddy.
Missing- Kitchen assistant 1 to the cook. Supporting comic role.
Neither-Kitchen assistant 2 to the cook. Supporting comic role.
Artichoke-Fairy Godmother Important role. Singing part with important lines.
King-Supporting role.
Chamberlain -Comic supporting role.
Prince’s Aide-Assistant to the prince. Important supporting role. Sings a duet.
Yokel 1-Cameo comic role.
Yokel 2-Cameo comic role.
Cat-Cameo – non speaking part.(possible dancer)
Yeti-One-scene cameo role -non-speaking part.
Gaffer-Boss Dwarf Important role. Some group singing. Many lines to learn.
Snoozy- Dwarf Important role. Some group singing. lines to learn.
Grouchy -Dwarf Important role. Some group singing. lines to learn
Cheery -Dwarf Important role. Some group singing. lines to learn.
Timid -Dwarf Important role. Some group singing. lines to learn.
Sniffy -Dwarf Important role. Some group singing. lines to learn.
Simple-Dwarf Important role. Some group singing.

                        Jack and the Beanstalks (2015 Christmas Pantomime)

Silly Jack  takes Buttercup their precious only cow to market to sell her for money to pay the rent , but he gets waylaid by the crafty Doctor Proctor who gets him to swap Buttercup for five ‘magic’ beans. When he gets home his mother ,Dame Trott, is furious with him and in anger throws the beans away.

The next morning not one but five giant bean stalks have grown , down one of then climbed Jill to get away from the huge, bad, fierce giant. she tells of a chicken that lays golden eggs up in the giants land and her friend the harp who knows how to get home.

Jack, when he gets over his fear agrees to go back up with her to get the chicken for his mother to make her rich and the harp to help Jill find her way home. big problem in her haste she forgot to see which bean stalk she came down. She and Jack decide to climb them one at a time to find the right one. this is the start of an adventure through five different, strange lands, with cowboys and Indians  , the land of Frozen, the land of Oz or is it Aus the land of giants (but not the one they thought) till at last the find the right one and have to confront the terrible bad tempered giant who is intent on grinding Jack up to make him into bread for his supper!

Will Jack and Jill rescue the Harp and take the chicken to make his mother rich? Come to the show to see how they get on.

There will be cowboys and Indians , princesses , Auzzie cobbers, Disney characters and much more , including the nasty Baron Hardhearted who want to get the Dame out of her cottage and sell it to Tescos for building land.

And what of poor Buttercup the cow , will Jack ever find her again?

Performances will be held;-

Thursday 3rd December, 7.30 pm
Friday 4th December, 7.30 pm
Saturday 5th December, 2.30 pm Matinee and 7.30 pm evening performance.
Sunday 6th December, 2.30 pm Matinee
Ticket prices bought in advance are;-
Adults £5.00, Children under 16 £2.50 and Pensioners £4.00.
Available from the Box office  on 01394 411079.
Tickets prices bought on the door are;-
Adults £7.00, Children under 16 £3.00 and Pensioners £5.00.
There will be refreshments served during the interval including Magic Beans !
Please come along, we look forward to seeing lots of you all there.